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When people talk about the corruption of science and medicine, this willful misrepresentation by Gounder et al is part of what they have in mind. It puts the mission of treating and curing people in the background by turning the vaccines, for example, into an ideological, politicized battlefield.

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Thank you. I think a really key point is this one:

"In addition, since the Covid vaccination doesn’t prevent you from getting Covid, you could get vaccinated and still have risk of myocarditis after Covid."

I wonder about this a lot. Is there ANY study that can quantify whether and to what extent "covid after vaccination" leads to less myocarditis than covid after prior infection or, for arguments sake, covid before any exposure (even though ~no one left in this category, but of historical importance.) Seems like a critical data point for all the people who have a knee jerk reaction to this topic by saying "but covid myocarditis is worse."

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