Kelly - Have you started to dig through the recently released detailed cause of death files Stinson Norwood posted? https://twitter.com/snorman1776/status/1613954484731875331

Sharing quick pass through I did, sharing with Jeremy Faust on the 0-14 deaths from 2021.


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I've looked through some of it, yes. I have plans to do a post about death certificates and coding of deaths. It is a complex and nuanced topic. I think a lot of people on both sides oversimply it tbh. And don't even get me started on Faust or that silly article from the CDC. The idea that her essay was "backed by relevant facts" is hilarious. My thoughts on it in this brief thread... https://twitter.com/KelleyKga/status/1620810075333087238?s=20&t=aPFNgPgj_bFJzALk1X7Qew

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