Outstanding review of events. I really hope this receives national attention. Clearly there has been an effort to target children with Covid vaccines, likely because therein you have a secure, permanent market (imho). Grateful for your work, Kelley. It seems now that we will get our most trustworthy health guidelines from Europe,

Scandinavia in particular.

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Thank you! More and more puzzle pieces just keep fitting together. It's so discouraging and disappointing.

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In thinking very cynically, it could be that pharm realizes the market for vax is short term and limited.

Adding children broadens their market. As SARSCoV2 continues to evolve, many adults are unlikely to care about vax boosters to prevent a cold. Even if just once a year, we are still vulnerable to the other cold viruses so what is the point of taking a vaccine with potential side effects? Eventually the hospitalizations and long covid cases will subside from public interest. Then they need a market!

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