Who is Kelley K?

I’m a mother to a teenage daughter who has been analyzing Covid data since May 2020. While I don’t have a background in epidemiology, I do have a double major from Emory University in Psychology and Educational Studies. I also am a bit of a data geek and have a career in information technology. I worked in the information technology field for over 20 years, in roles such as Technical Writer, Research & Database Manager, and IT Compliance Manager. Throughout much of my career, I’ve been known as someone who could quickly research and digest new information and then communicate that data to others, which has been much of what I’ve done with Covid data.

What is Check Your Work?

Check Your Work is a new Substack that I am launching, which is based on the work I have been doing for almost three years over on Twitter as @kelleykga — analyzing and sharing data, fact checking news articles, critiquing scientific studies, and reading and sharing helpful information about Covid.

My area of interest has always been Covid and kids, because even when I was nervous about the virus at first, the one thing that reassured me was the early data that kids were at extremely low risk, so I never once worried about my daughter. And I knew that for most kids, getting back to the classroom was essential, so they weren’t sitting at home on Zoom.

I enjoy digging in and exposing the faulty claims in the media and by supposed experts about Covid, and I would prefer to do that in a more in-depth format than Twitter provides. I’ve posted a few fact checks on my web site (now included in my Substack archives), but I think the nature of what I’ve been doing - timely responses to trending news, studies, and tweets (about Covid mainly) - are better suited for a Substack. I’ve been working on this for a while, and was planning to launch in January, but with all that’s going on, I figured I’d pull the trigger a bit ahead of schedule.

Why subscribe?

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I won’t post on specific days - it will be whenever particularly egregious tweets or articles or studies come to my attention that need to be addressed. (If you’ve been following me on Twitter for a while, you know this seems to happen quite often unfortunately!)

All this to say, I hope you’ll subscribe to help support the work I’ve been doing and allow me to keep doing it. Thank you!

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